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Hello! From my desk to the world! My name is Skyler Stein and I am a multidisciplinary designer. I am originally from Miami Florida, and have

been immersed into its rich culture and arts ever since I could remember.

Creativity rules everything I do. The process is not linear, and because

of that, I wake up often at 3am with burning ideas that I need to bring

to life. I am a strategic, innovative, and creative thinker.

Creative adrenaline is a rush I just can’t shake.


Besides for being a 24/7 idea generator, I very much am human. A fews things that tickle my fancy are music, film, street fashion, being in nature, thrifting for vintage goods, and grubbing down on some sushi. You can find me and my fuzzy design sidekick Banksy living it up in NYC this summer post graduation from Syracuse University.

The Sky's The Limit.